Identifying and Costing HIV treatment delivery best practices in Eastern & Southern Africa

AIDS is not one uniform global epidemic, but a series of individual epidemics driven by local circumstances. The need for effective HIV treatment programs that reflect particular contexts has never been greater.

A major new program of Pangaea is to develop and cost a series of single descriptive case studies documenting effective approaches to HIV service delivery in East and Southern Africa. The goal of this project is to document ARV treatment and support programs that are improving the uptake of and retention of clients in care. Pangaea is collaborating with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) who will be performing the cost estimates for each of the case studies. The selection of programs for the case study development will seek to present information about a diverse set of programs, looking at both community- and facility-based services and at programs addressing urban and rural populations, key affected populations, and programs that are well integrated with other areas of health services including primary care, sexual, reproductive, and maternal health, and TB services.

We are particularly interested in identifying effective HIV treatment initiatives that combine the clinical expertise found in the health facilities and the leadership of the local communities to help as many HIV positive people stay in care and on treatment. The ultimate goal of the project is to produce clear, policy-relevant cost and effectiveness data around best practices in the HIV space. In addition, dissemination of the methodology used to create the case studies and cost estimates can serve as a template for replication of the process at country levels in order to better understand what program models are working. Through this process, Pangaea seeks to improve uptake and scale of HIV services and fill the gaps in the HIV treatment cascade.

The project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As each case study is finalized, it will be posted on this website.

Completed case studies include:

  • AMPATH Case Study Summary & Full Text document
  • LVCT Health Case Study Summary & Full Text document
  • Mauritius Case Study Summary & Full Text Document
  • Zvandiri Case Study Summary & Full Text Document
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Executive Summary.pdf)Executive SummaryExecutive Summary100 kB
Download this file (AMPATH Case Study Summary .pdf)AMPATH Case Study SummaryAMPATH Case Study Summary350 kB
Download this file (LVCT Health Case Study Summary.pdf)LVCT Health Case Study SummaryLVCT Health Case Study Summary336 kB
Download this file (Mauritius Case Study Summary.pdf)Mauritius Case Study Summary.pdfMauritius Case Study Summary239 kB
Download this file (AMPATH Case Study Full Text.pdf)AMPATH Case Study Full Text.pdfAMPATH Case Study Full Text11264 kB
Download this file (Zvandiri Case Study Summary.pdf)Zvandiri Case Study SummaryZvandiri Case Study Summary448 kB
Download this file (LVCT Health Case Study Full Text.pdf)LVCT Health Case Study Full Text.pdfLVCT Health Case Study Full Text10003 kB
Download this file (Mauritius Case Study Full Text.pdf)Mauritius Case Study Full Text.pdfMauritius Case Study Full Text2836 kB
Download this file (Zvandiri Case Study Full Text.pdf)Zvandiri Case Study Full Text.pdfZvandiri Case Study Full Text15533 kB