The global AIDS epidemic is far from over. Despite progress over the last 15 years HIV remains one of the greatest challenges to human health and development of our generation.

Pangaea is an international public health technical cooperation agency, based in Oakland, California USA, and Harare, Zimbabwe. We are based in the US as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, and in Zimbabwe we are registered both as an international Private Voluntary Organization and a local trust.

At Pangaea we believe our role is to support partners on the front lines and to mobilize continued solidarity from the Bay Area – which has been at the epicenter of the epidemic since the 1980s. We convene experts from science, health services, affected communities and the private sector, helping countries design the best quality, affordable and sustainable strategies for HIV and related health issues. We work at the global level, and with national partners to promote rights- based, evidence driven public health strategies.

  • Local Leadership - We believe local leadership is central to forging strong AIDS responses. The role of policy and technical cooperation agencies, like Pangaea, is to provide expertise and support local partners’ needs in expanding the reach and quality of HIV programs.
  • Evidence Driven - We are strongly committed to promoting evidence-driven HIV strategies to expand HIV services. We support partners to identify and address evidence gaps where they exist.
  • Human Rights Based - Equally important is the need to uphold the human rights of all people living with and affected by HIV – regardless of circumstances of birth, gender, sexual orientation, or geography.

Pangaea is at the forefront of the growing global health diplomacy movement utilizing our strong programmatic expertise and extensive global stakeholder networks to provide effective action at all levels.